In order that we may train our Volunteers, maintain our readiness to respond to emergencies/disasters, or to assist persons in need, the Dominica Red Cross is responsible for generating income to enable its financial self-sustainability.

As a Voluntary Organization operating in a SIDS (Small Island Developing State) this goal remains a constant challenge with increasing occurrences of disaster incidents.

Like many other charitable institutions, the Dominica Red Cross is reliant on the support of the public and private sector and civil society. Your donation, no matter how small, will collectively enable us to 

'Do More, Do Better and Reach Further'.


Sending Donations

Donations can be sent to the account of the Dominica Red Cross at either:


Royal Bank of Dominica

Bay Front, Roseau

A/c: #100-108-0

A/c: #100-878-8



Old Street, Roseau

A/c: #1141097


Dominica Red Cross
National Headquarters
Federation Drive
Commonwealth of Dominica

Phone (1): (767) 448-8280
Phone (2): (767) 440-2483
Phone (3): (767) 615-8414
Fax:          (767) 448-7708